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Enforcement services.

Immobilization or “the boot” is an enforcement service we provide to lot owners and property managers. Our boots are less aggressive than some other styles available, but offer the same level of immobilization. Our agents wear professional, easily identifiable uniforms. We take pride in our staff being professional, friendly and safety conscious at all times. One Shot is fully bonded and insured to work on any of our clients properties.

Why use imobilization?

Quick And Cost Effective

Immobilization is more reasonable and less invasive to the parking violator than towing. The vehicle is left intact and unmoved, which allows for on-site dispute resolution where the violation occurred. Boot removal fees are far less expensive than towing and impound fees. Our staff are available to release the vehicle 24 hours a day, unlike towing where you are subject to the impound lot’s hours of operation. Upon payment of the boot removal fee, the vehicle immobilizer is immediately release and the parking violator is on their way. We accept cash, debit and credit on-site.

Immediate Impact

The high visibility of an immobilized vehicle deters other potential parking violators. The immobilization of the vehicle is a reminder to potential parking violators that this lot enforces the rules on this property.

Revenue Increase For Our Clients

Once our immobilization warning signs are erected on the property, there is almost always an increase in the sales of monthly parking passes. On lots that use pay and display systems, there is generally a significant increase in revenue.

Our Profit Sharing Model

Rather than having the city issue tickets or issuing your own private tickets and not seeing any revenue, we offer an attractive profit sharing model, that is un-matched by our competition.


Having our parking enforcement agents patrolling your property adds another set of eyes and can help deter theft or vandalism

What Type Of Vehicles Can We Immobilize?

We can immobilize any type or size of vehicle from motorcycles to tractor trailer trucks, tractor trailers and large custom wheels. Our boots have a special coating that allow them to be placed on wheels without causing damage. Our agents are trained to place the immobilizer on all types of vehicles and are fully bonded and insured to work on our clients lots.

Pay and Display

We Will Supply and Install the Pay & Display Equipment

We will supply and install the Pay & Display equipment, tailored to suit your needs

We take care of everything from installation, maintenance, cash collections, enforcement, line marking and appropriate signage.

We carry out regular cash collections, banking and maintenance checks with all costs being met from our percentage of the Pay & Display revenue. Each month you will receive payment with your percentage of the revenue.

At One Shot we appreciate technology, and are constantly looking for new ways to make parking easier, more efficient and cost effect for our clients. We utilize apps and reporting programs for most mobile phone platforms.

Contact us today to find out more about our Pay & Display equipment, services and rates.

Temporary Parking Staff

Have an Event Coming Up?

Have an event coming up? Are people parking in your parking lot when events are going on nearby? Let our staff take the stress out of the parking management and will take care of:

  • Collection of donation or fee at the entrance to your parking lot

  • Staff to direct traffic

  • Staff to park cars (valet)

  • Staff to monitor vehicles/lot for theft

We give special rates to fundraisers and not for profit groups. Contact us today to find out more about our services and rates.